Monday, October 6, 2014


Aaahhh.. October. I can always count on October to have the best weather thanks to good 'ol "Indian Summer." So for about 2 - 3 weeks of the year, I get to bust out the dresses and sandals without having to worry about freezing at some point during the day! Sunny days and warm nights... it's a lovely time. 

So I recently re-discovered my high school's facebook (Go Panthers!) and realized that I'm getting older than I feel. Or perhaps I mean, I'm getting older than I think I actually am (in my head I'm still really cool, young, and like 22). But it has come to my attention that my 10 year reunion is very soon approaching and I'm not quite sure if I'm freaking out yet. It's definitely a weird milestone to hit. Is this something I want to go to? Do people look forward to this? I look at LinkedIn and can't decide where I might fall on the spectrum of "successful." And, really, you only go to your high school reunion to show off how much you've accomplished/how amazing you look now. Does having a kid count? I mean, I created new life and he hasn't died on my watch! That's gotta count for something, right? Except that having said kid may have ruined the "how amazing you look" thing for me.

I guess in the end, all that really matters is if there's an open bar there. If there is, I'll be there and am formally RSVPing now. 

Denim jacket - Old Navy (similar here)
Maxi dress - Target
Grey Leather Tote - Banana Republic
Silver gladiator sandals - Madewell (other colors here)

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