Friday, October 3, 2014

SF Brewcraft.

Makai is reaching a new level of his independence nowadays. This particular day, I dressed Makai in this super cute outfit but he was NOT feeling it. Usually he doesn't really mind too much and has a decent time modeling for me, but this time, he refused to take pictures, stomped upstairs...

and demanded to wear his Buzz Lightyear hoodie. 

Meh. As long as he has clothes on. 

Anyway, Mark needed to make a business trip into the city for a few supplies and I thought it'd be fun to tag along and see w'dup.

We ended up a little shop called SF Brewcraft

This was a fun place to see and visit - full of ingredients, tools, supplies, and hipsters (although, I'm pretty sure the hipsters were not for sale). I usually try to keep out of Mark's brewing business because I think it's good for us to have completely separate things that don't really include each other, but I thought it would be fun to tag along and be an innocent bystander in his process. And while this is definitely Mark's business and I have no real say about anything (Which is completely fine with me, because what do I know about beer other than its tastiness and it's wonderfully intoxicating effects?) I just like knowing what's going on. So seeing his supplier and the current source of his goods was interesting! It helps me feel a part of it all without being a part of any of it. 

That probably doesn't make any sense, but I'm just going to roll with it.

Oh geez, and Makai loved it too. So many breakables and food items to touch! :] But it really makes me happy to see how passionate Mark has become about his work, and I love that Makai gets to be included. Even when Mark isn't brewing, Makai talks about "daddy's work." Honestly, it's a little weird having my 3 year old son talk about/say the word beer so often, but in context it makes way more sense. 

Here are some reasons why beer has been good for my son: It  1] makes the whole thing feel like a family business.  2] allows Makai to bond with Mark and Mark (yeah, that's going to get confusing at some point).  3] teaches Makai to be productive and helpful while getting him away from the TV.  4] keeps Makai busy, giving me more time to do other misc things (like being lazy or reading a magazine).  5] exposes him to new and interesting things  6] has the opportunity to teach him about science and chemistry!

Who knew beer would do so much good for our life?

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Chameleon tee - JCPenny
Green elbow-patch windbreaker - GenuineKids from OshKosh at Target
Buzz Lightyear hoodie - gift 
Skinny jeans - Old Navy (available here)
Camo shoes - Airwalk at Payless (available here)

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