Saturday, August 1, 2015


Today marks the end of Makai's first month in preschool.

And yet again, we reach another milestone that I can't believe he's accomplished. Why is he not a baby anymore?!

So with this milestone, I have come to realize that my life has been a complete waste of time and that I need to get my act together to be more efficient. In my head, I always thought that Makai going to school would be a huge weight off my shoulders. I wouldn't have to worry about babysitters during the week and I can go to work knowing that my son isn't watching tv, learning productive things, and hopefully making friends. Of course, I forgot that going to school would also mean scheduling pick ups, drop offs, packing breakfasts, packing lunches, planning dinners, projects, bedtimes, alarm clocks, and a blur of potty time/brushing teeth/getting dressed/etc. ROOKIE MISTAKE. 

Now after a month, we are getting into a decent schedule with cry-free drop offs. Woo-hoo!

But let me just emphasize the importance of the SCHEDULE and PLANNING part. There is just no way we would ever make it out of the house in a timely manner if we didn't plan ahead. (Get ready for more make-ahead recipes. They're currently my best friend.)

In case you're curious, here's how we try to work things out:

Around 730pm, we start our routine.
- last snacks and medicine
- clean up toys (HA! Who am I kidding? This bullet never actually happens)
- prep for the morning:
      - pack backpack
      - prep breakfast
      - pick out clothes and shoes
- brush teeth and wash face and hands
- read books
- lights out

That way, when we wake up, things go a little smoother:
- wake up to music
- some tickling and coaxing
- potty
- get dressed, while probably still trying to sleep
- more tickling and coaxing
- brush teeth
- distribute everyone's breakfast and lunch
- make it out the door

We're still working on it, but the key is to try and get as much ready as we can the night before to help alleviate the morning rush.

But aside from the craziness of our lives, I will call preschool a success so far. Everyone keeps asking me how it's going, and I think it's goin' ok! 

Makai doesn't exactly love it quite yet, but I think it's safe to say that's normal. (right?!) For the most part, it seems like the goodbye's are the hard part. There's definitely whining and some tears. He hates that we leave him there all day. Who can blame him? But when we pick him up he's so ecstatic! Sometimes it makes me think he actually likes us. And Ms. Stacy (his teacher) tells us about all the amazing things he did, where he played, who he played with, etc. So it sounds like he has a good time at school. However, I'll ask him how school was and the conversation seems to go like this:

"I had a rough day, mom."
"Rough?! Why did you have a rough day?"
"Because I was waiting for you all day and you didn't come."
"I know, I'm sorry. I had to go to work. But didn't you have fun at school today?"
"No, I don't like school."
"Well, why not?"
"Because I'm scared"
"Why are you scared? What are you scared of?"
"Because of the kids. They're too loud."

Definitely not the answers I expected to hear.

I will admit I was a little sad that he didn't seem to love it, but I know it's something that he'll get used to. He may even learn to love it! Lucky for me, the preschool that we go to has a "Family Fun Night" once a month where the child and their entire family is invited to the school for some food, entertainment, and activities. What fun!

So to help ease my mind, we made it to our first Family Fun Night and got to see Makai at school. It was so nice to see him around his classmates, meet his teacher, and see where all of his learning happens! It's one thing taking tours and imagining Makai going to school somewhere, but it's another getting to see him interact with his new friends and teachers at school. I feel like I miss a lot of that being at work all day, so it was nice getting the opportunity to go together.

However, it was a little strange being the youngest parents there. I have a feeling that's something I'm going to have to get used to. I wasn't ridiculously young when I had Makai, but I'm definitely on the younger side of the parenting spectrum. And while that can be a little weird sometimes, we just need to remember that we're all there for the same reason. We all wanted to be sure our kids got the most amazing start at school. And I feel like that's what we're getting here! 

Oh! And another plus: Makai's preschool has a Shutterfly account where they share pictures and small posts about what his class is learning for the week. They take photos of the fun activities they have done and all of the parents get to see them online. Look! Here's Makai learning Karate:


Cute right?!

Obviously I'm biased.. but whatever. I love that I get to feel included in how his day went.


So overall, I'd say that preschool is going as well as expected. It's definitely something we all have to get used to, but in a good way. As much as Makai is learning in school, Mark and I are learning more about parenting... and adulting. While Makai learns about letters, numbers, and making friends, we're learning how to budget our time, budget our money, plan ahead, schedule, and how to let things go. Ok, maybe the last one was more about me letting go of my baby, but still, we're all learning.

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