Monday, June 30, 2014

the batchel.

i've decided on how i will reward myself once i get my real full-time company-employed merchandising job.

isn't she a beaut?

the Cambridge Satchel Company "Batchel" in Oxblood with "A V T" or something really awesome like "hustle." embossed in silver. lol

i think it has the right amount of class, timelessness, style, and functionality. in reality, all i might actually need it the 14" to carry around all my crap + Makai's crap, but then if i get this 15" lady with the top handle, i could pretend it's actually for work! it could even fit my work binders, legal sized paper, and laptop! that sounds magical.

in my particular role, i'm constantly traveling between Gap Inc.'s 2 campuses and it gets exhausting having to juggle all of my stuff in a not as trendy and definitely not structured tote.

in my head, once i get this bag, people will take me more seriously and see me more professionally. i know that it's not true at all, but that's what's in my head. :]

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