Sunday, October 12, 2014

pumpkin patch.

It's mid-October and I figured it was about time we got ourselves a pumpkin.

My family was never the "pumpkin patch" type when I grew up, and there aren't too many exciting ones in the area, so I saw the opportunity for a little day trip and decided we should go out to Half Moon Bay. There are tons of pumpkin patches there, many of which offer hay rides, train rides, pony rides, petting zoos, etc. plus I thought it might be a fun experience for Makai. 

...except that everyone else in the world decided that it was a good idea too and it ended up being way too crowded. Mark and I chalk it up to part of "the experience" and figure that at least we did it once.

I did a little research on the many, many pumpkin patches that Half Moon Bay has to offer and decided on Lemo's Pumpkin Farm. They had a "ghost train ride" which felt like an easy win for our little train enthusiast, so I figured it was our best bet. We spent our morning having our fill of pumpkins, hay, and snow cones and got to share a new experience together. I'm pretty positive that next year, we will be doing our best to avoid the crowds and opt for a much quieter and traditional field of pumpkins. But I'm glad we got to do this together. I never feel like we can afford much for Makai, so we try and make up for it with quality time and shared experiences. 


Of course the pumpkin patch would have been the PERFECT fall photo opportunity. I expected a lot of cliche pumpkin patch photos to happen, but Makai decided he wasn't going to be my monkey anymore and refused to sit or stand anywhere cute. There may have been a lot of crying and dragging involved at the end of the trip, so I thought it best to to just get out of there and make less of a scene. I'm not quite sure why the situation escalated so fast, but I'll just assume it was nap related.

Once we got home, I decided to bribe him with some ice cream in exchange for a couple of decent pumpkin photos. Unfortunately, we ended up with some major chocolate mouth.


I may have underestimated his size vs. this pumpkin's weight.

I planned on grabbing a few pumpkins, but could barely make it out with the one and all of my parenting dignity. It's cool. I'm pretty sure I picked myself a winner. I look forward to carving this puppy later in the week. Now to decide.. happy pumpkin? Funny pumpkin? Creepy pumpkin? Painting? There's so many choices!

p.s. can we all take a moment and realize how terribly thought out this front sign is?

Placed stripe pocket tee - Joe Fresh at JCPenny
Olive skinny denim - Old Navy
Camo lace-up shoes - Airwalk at Payless (available here)

Giants hat - Giants Dugout (available here)
Sunglasses - Banana Republic
Heathered "luxe-touch" Polo - Banana Republic

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