Thursday, September 4, 2014

labor weekend adventures. 2

Don't you love a good cliffhanger?

I'm pretty sure that's where I left you on the last post - on a good cliffhanger. I left you wanting to know more about my Labor Day weekend! ....Right?

Well, here you go!

Sunday I decided to have another adventure into the city and take Makai for a second round of the Children's Creativity Museum. Even though the last time we went was just a few weeks ago, it was fun seeing how different this visit was. I could see that how he interacted with each activity and area was much more intentional and confident than last. He knew how he wanted to prioritize his time and what activities he wanted to do. There was still a lot of exploring and figuring things out, but it was interesting just letting him go free and it's nice having a safe space to do that in.

I told you that these were standard faces now!

Seriously, I don't know where he got this pose.

Monday was spent at the 3rd annual Hiero Day in Oakland. This was Makai's first Hip Hop Show! We knew some friends and family would be out there, so we thought it would be nice to meet up and spend the sunny day off with them surrounded by good music, food, and vibes. I hadn't been able to go to Hiero Day years prior, so I was pretty excited to go.

We mostly came to watch our cousin Bambu do his set with Prometheus Brown (together known as The Bar "Barkada"). Needless to say, they killed it. You may also recognize this lady here as Rocky Rivera. She didn't perform, but we came to see her too :]

During the set, we got a chance to watch from backstage and Makai started to feel the crowd and the music, so he threw up a little fist. UBER cute.

It was fun watching Makai and his cousin Khalil play while we were out there. Makai always gets excited to see his Kuya (Tagalog for "older brother"). Unfortunately for us, the nice day surrounded by friends and family quickly turned into a HOT day surrounded by too many people, which is the WORST when you have a stroller and kiddo to keep track of. Worst of all, most of the vendors ran out of water, which was kind of a deal breaker, so we ended up leaving pretty soon after the performance. 

It would have been nice to see Zion I and Hiero but it was just too crowded. All good. Like I said, Bambu and Prometheus Brown killed it AND they performed my favorite song, so I was able to leave happy. If you haven't heard of them, you should check them out! Their conscious, pro-immigrant, pro-people, and Filipino-centric lyrics are refreshing (although not always child appropriate). Also: If your interested, Bambu's latest project is the Party Worker campaign. It's a great full-length album and book project, inspired and funded by fans, friends, and family alike. I love the inclusiveness and "for the people, by the people" attitude. I think it's worth checking out!

placed stripe pocket tee - Joe Fresh at JCPenny
Olive green skinny jeans - Old Navy
Blue striped socks - Target
Camo lace-up shoes - Airwalk at Payless (available here)

Black and Grey raglan Tee - Old Navy
Denim shorts - Joe Fresh at JCPenny
Heathered socks - Target

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