Friday, September 5, 2014

imaginary cow.

I had to work from home today.

Correction - I should say I got to work from home today. We couldn't find a sitter because of some other family matters, so today's office looked like this:

and this:

It was cool getting to kick it but it gets pretty tricky balancing work and Makai responsibilities. Today he asked if he could have a picnic so I came up with that sweet setup on the deck. He seemed to enjoy it.

While I was typing out a couple of emails, I overheard Makai talking. When I looked back to check on him and listen, I realized it sounded like a conversation. When I asked him who he was talking to, he replied "just cow." I asked where cow was and he replied "in mirror." Then I asked what he says to him and he replied "Just moo, mom. Just moo." Duh.

OMG. An imaginary cow named "cow" that is stuck inside the mirror. Best imaginary friend ever!

Here is a fun list of things that Makai has been doing as of late:
  • He's made up the magic words "bingdern" "soh-baw" "paw-powers" and "poo-pah"
  • He's been making up words and calling them magic words
  • He has an imaginary friend that is a cow in the mirror
  • He's also imagined a robot in the mirror that was fighting the cow in the mirror
  • He prefers to wear his galoshes whenever possible
  • When our stuffed animal shark gets hurt, he dresses up as a doctor to give him medicine
  • After every movie, he insists on dancing to the credits
  • He literally stops to smell the flowers when we walk around the complex
  • He's been sharing a lot more! - He asked if we could go to the store to buy 2 cupcakes. 1 for him and 1 for me! I don't know if that counts as sharing but I still think it's sweet!

Mike Wizowski Tee - Target
Distressed denim - BabyGap via ThredUp

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