Tuesday, September 9, 2014


It's very rare that Mark and I both have the entire weekend off, so when it does happen, I feel like we need to take advantage and do something fun (i.e. something other than laundry and dishes). So as I began to sort the laundry, as I do every weekend, Mark thought it'd be fun to drive down to Coyote Point in San Mateo and visit the Curiodyssey Museum! To be completely honest, Curiodyssey is sort of like the Exploratorium and California Academy of Science's little brother, except that he lives in the Peninsula instead of the city. It's filled with small natural science exhibits, a few animal exhibits, and a few science activities here and there. It was cute, local, and another educational space for Makai to run around in.

It happened to be their "Community Day" sponsored by Wells Fargo, so we figured it was worth the drive down to check out for a few hours. To enter the Coyote Point Park, you do have to pay an entrance fee of $6 a car, which can make paying additional admission at the museum pretty lame, but since it was free for the day, it was well worth it! The park itself was pretty big and seemed like a great place to hang out and make a whole day of with tons of playgrounds, bbq grills, picnic areas, a great view of the city, a docking area, etc. And if you can schedule it out to be a day that the museum is free, you've got yourself a great day planned, my friend. 

Makai seemed to really enjoy the museum and all that it had to offer. The only tough part about "free exhibit day" is you tend to get a pretty crowded museum. I usually don't mind, except that I am often reminded just how rude and mean kids can be! UGH. Makai is pretty mild mannered, so when other kids grab, push, and yell, he isn't really feelin' it. What's worse than rude, obnoxious kids is parents that don't do a single thing about it. I mean, HELLO! We're in a museum with OTHER kids. Can we please teach YOUR kid to have some manners and take turns? Or at least have enough tact to apologize for your kid and pretend you have no idea why they turned out that way. 

I never thought I'd have to teach my son to take things back, hold his ground, or be assertive. I always assumed I would just have to worry about teaching him how to share, take turns, be polite, follow the rules, etc. Of course I do teach him these things, but I just see him get bullied around and taken advantage of and that is NOT OK. I want him to be nice, but I don't want him to be a total wimp either! I feel like it may get confusing for him, learning to share and then learning to be firm and hold onto something if it's yours, but I suppose that's the challenge in parenting - how to teach your kids the balance. 

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