Saturday, August 30, 2014

the front tuck & some mommy concerns

I had no idea that "the front-tuck" was so controversial. I understand it's not for everyone. I, on the other hand, do it all day. Dare I say, it's "my thing." I think it helps elongate my legs, gives me the casualness of not tucking, and allows more freedom than a full-tuck. Check, check, and check. Hopefully that's what it actually looks like and I don't just look like an idiot who forgot to tuck their shirt all the way in. Please feel free to let me know if that's what's goin on here.

So anyway, this is me and what I decided to wear for the day. I've been loving short sleeve button ups lately. They just make so much sense and they've been feeling very modern and updated. I'm actually thinking of converting one of my long sleeve chambray shirts into a short sleeve. What I nee/want is a sewing machine so I can just do it myself already.

Btw, Makai is in massive need of a haircut. I'm thinking of an undercut, a la David Beckham, but I wonder if it'll still look as good un-styled. See examples below:

I realize this may make him a total hipster kid, but I think I'm willing to accept that.

Also: I like his crooked smile :] Perhaps I'm biased, being his mom and all, but I think it's so precious and unique! I wonder if he'll grow out of it, or if it'll straighten out. I wonder if other people think it's cute. Actually, I wonder if it'll eventually be a dental concern! These are the random concerns of motherhood. 

I had a conversation with a coworker whose worry was that her daughter would be unattractive due to her very prominent brow ridge at 6 months old. Another coworker spoke about her daughters bulbous nose. What's worse was a completely understood and agreed! I used to wonder if parents ever thought their children weren't cute, or if they would just be blinded by their love as parents and always think their child was cute. Now I realize that it's a little of both. I don't know if everyone thinks Makai's crooked smile is cute, but I love it! I don't love his angry face when he whines, but that might be something separate. It's a funny thing, the things you worry about as a parent. Of course my main concern is if he is happy and healthy, but you also hope that he's accepted by his peers, never teased, never left out, etc. I know it sounds shallow, to worry if your child is attractive enough, but you just find yourself thinking about it sometimes. Yes, what I would really hope is that I could just build Makai's character, teaching him to be confident and love himself, but... let's be real. Kid's can be mean and you can only control so much. I would hate it if someone else told Makai he wasn't cute, even if they were just being mean. 

Short sleeve button up - Ann Taylor Loft (blue version here)
High rise skinny jeans - Gap
Color block heels - ShoeMint

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