Thursday, August 28, 2014

dad fashion - denim bow tie, wine pants, &tropical shoes

I know, the combo sounds crazy right? Especially if I had listed his blue striped shirt! 

But yet again, Mark pulls it off. 

So while Mark went to work lookin' all dapper and such, I sat around in yoga pants and did some light reading. 

As much as I'm into fashion, I love me some good mommy magazines. I'll admit it. One of my dreams in life is to be featured in Parenting magazine. Does that not sound too inspirational? Perhaps even lame for someone my age? I feel like that'd validate my awesomeness/coolness as a mom.

Also: how great are cookie chips?! If you've never tried them, do so immediately. No seriously. Go to your closest cookie retailer or to and buy these. I'm addicted.

Denim bow tie - handmade by me! (Etsy here)
Slim fit blue striped woven shirt - Banana Republic
Wine colored chinos - Banana Republic
Tropical print shoes - radii at

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