Monday, July 14, 2014

"nice shirt"

Makai has gotten to stage where he has become very specific about what he would like to wear on some days. At the moment, he tends to request a robot or dragon shirt and his "fast shoes" (aka his nike frees). 

I love that he enjoys getting dressed up! He is definitely Mark's and my son... Or maybe we just trained him to be this way. Either way, today he requested to wear his "nice shirt" and once I got home, he asked that I take his picture and posed in front of various planters around our complex.

So here are some shots from his requested photo shoot. :]

I got to sneak myself into a couple! 

Shoes - Nike free 5.0 (available here)
Jeans - Old Navy skinny jeans (available here)
Shirt - Arizona Jeans at JCPenny (similar here)

Shoes - F21
Jeans - Gap (on clearance here)
Top - Ann Taylor Loft (available here)
Cropped jacket - (old) Metropark

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