Sunday, July 13, 2014


We had some company over this weekend! And her name is Miranda! (Oh, and her parents came too)

Makai totally suffers from "only-child syndrom." so whenever we get the chance for a playmate, I am all for it! Plus, it gives me another parent to talk to (which are semi-rare in my age range right now). 

It was such a lovely visit and Makai did very well. He showed her how to use some of his toys.

They played a little duet on the baby grand.

And became the best of friends! I mean, that's what I would imagine after such a great night of bonding. 

My favorite part was when Makai volunteered one of his new Cars toys from Disneyland for her to take home and borrow - COMPLETELY ON HIS OWN! Sweetest. Thing. Ever. 

I'm gonna go ahead and call that a parent win. 

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