Wednesday, July 16, 2014

family looks.

I've gotta be honest, one of the things that made me fall in love with Mark was his fashion sense :] he's a little bit bolder than I am, but I love seeing what he'll wear next. Is that dorky?

His calculator watch is one of my faves! I bought it for his birthday one year. AND I made the bow tie myself. I think that's fun. Hopefully I get my etsy up and running sometime soon. He added the chain himself.

So while he did that at work, I decided to wear this:

I stole this vest from my mom. She wore it when she was a teacher in the early 90s and I loved the authentic tweed.

And then Makai wore this: 

He requested the usual robot shirt and "fast shoes" combo. Yes, his jeans have destruction in the knee. He slipped and fell in these jeans and voila! authentic and on-trend destruction on his slim fit jeans. In my head, it makes it look more expensive. My parents told me it makes me look poor. To-may-to, to-mah-to.

Sunglasses - Banana Republic
Shirt - (old) Banana Republic
Bow tie - handmade by me (etsy here)
Tie chain - Men's Warehouse
Jeans - (old) Gap

Shirt - Linene Tee from Ann Taylor Loft
Vest - stole from my mom
Jeans - Boyfriend fit from Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes - Converse

Shirt - (old) BabyGap
Jeans - BabyGap from Thredup
Shoes - Nike Free 5.0

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