Sunday, February 22, 2015


So apparently I'm living with a threenager. (I don't know if you can tell by the photo above, but he might be an angsty hipster.) Silly me, I wasted all my time worrying about his terrible 2s!

In case you don't know the term, it is EXACTLY what it sounds like and entails all that the name implies. And no, it is not that fun. It is the actual worst mix of being a toddler and being a teenager. See examples below:
  • He's moody/temperemental.
  • He is unbelievably sassy and talks back.
  • He's bossy.
  • There's almost no reasoning with him ever.
  • He gives me attitude, but I can't tell him not to give me attitude because he doesn't even know what that means yet.
  • He's really picky about the strangest things (see points 1 and 3 here)
  • He's just smart enough to do things he's not supposed to, but can't always understand why he shouldn't do them despite our awesome parent explanations.
  • He is both incredibly dependent on me while trying to also be a big kid and do things all by himself
  • He's obsessed with selfies and taking videos (please reference the self-requested photo shoot below). OK fine, this might be more of my own fault - but it's still a valid threenager point
  • He tries to negotiate or trick me out of getting a time out.
  • He uses my own words against me. (WORST thing ever)
  • All he ever wants to do is play games on the ipad, buy games on the ipad, play Mario Kart, and watch TV. (please note that we do not actually let him do all of these things all day)
  • He thinks he knows more than me.
  • Messes are a specialty.
  • He thinks butt and fart jokes are HILARIOUS.

Sure, sure, I totally love him. But OH MY GOODNESS is he crazy!

Rumor has it that 5 is supposed to be amazing. They're supposed to hit this stage where all they want to do is please the parents for approval. They're supposed to  understand the idea of responsibility and guilt, so they have an urge to do their best. Doesn't that sound GREAT?!

Here's hoping!

On the other hand, (the hand that isn't full of terrible, terrible threenager things) it has been a pretty spectacular journey so far. It's true, I often wish I could kick my son in the face (An urge I haven't executed quite yet), but then there comes a night - one very magical night - when we're all hanging out and Makai decides to clean up his toys all by himself without my having to ask. Just then, I fall in love all over again and am suddenly under the impression that I might be a decent parent. Who knows, maybe he'll end up OK after all!

Marled beanie - Shaun White for Target
Checkered flannel - Gymboree (on sale here)
Varsity jacket - vintage Old Navy via ThredUp
Skinny jeans - Old Navy (available here)
Camo lace-up shoes - Payless (on sale here)

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  1. My daughter was the calmest, most easy going baby/ toddler. Then on her third birthday she turned insane. She just turned 5 and it hasn't gotten any better. But if by guilt you mean her saying, "I'm sooooo sorry- please forgive me?" With sad puppy dog eyes, then I guess she has developed that :)


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