Tuesday, October 21, 2014

star wars and barnes & noble.

When I was lucky enough to work part time and spend my days with the little guy, I always looked forward to Thursday morning story times at the local library. Unfortunately, the stability of my new 9-5 meant having to give it up. 

Luckily, my local Barnes & Noble has been able to fill that void. While I still can't make the story-times they offer during the week, they tend to offer special "reading events" on Saturdays! Perfect! These little reading events promise small activities, kiddie swag, and treats. Winning way to spend 2 hours if you ask me. 

Last Saturday was a Star Wars reader day, and thanks to my 2 older brothers, I was born and raised a Star Wars fan. Since I expect my son to love everything that I love, I thought this sounded like our type of event.

It ended up being super cute! 

There were just enough kids for seats and they all gathered around to hear the stories. Apparently, it was a pretty small crowd this week, but I think that actually worked out in our favor and  made it a little easier for Makai. (He's not a big crowd person.) After the associate read 2 short Star Wars books, they offered a fun scavenger hunt around the store, coloring pages with crayons, a little bag of sugar cookies, and some fun Star Wars themed goodies to take home. Makai loved it and is constantly showing off his mono-colored coloring pages, talking about what fun he had at "the book store" with his friends.

One of my challenges as a broke parent is trying to consistently offer my son fun and new experiences that fit into my budget. While a free story time may not sound that exciting, it's such an easy way for us to get out of the house, do something together, and promote the whole "reading is fun" idea! And since these story times are "events," they're always a new theme, a new book, and offer new things (I heard that on special occasions they bring in people in costume). Plus I don't have to spend any money. Amazing! 

Now, will I spend money? Probably. (I'm pretty sure that's the whole idea) But at least it's on a new book that Makai excitedly picked out himself for our nightly story time at home. I'd much rather buy him a book than another useless toy.

To sum it up... we'll definitely be back and I will make it a point to regularly check out any upcoming events. Have a Barnes & Noble near you? Check out what they have coming up near you!

P.S. We took game ONE of the World Series! We're ready to take the rest!

Charlie Brown Giants Tee - JCPenny

White pocket tee - Old Navy
Giants jersey - gift
Olive skinny jeans - Old Navy
Orange slip ons - BabyGap
Colorblock sunglasses - BabyGap (other color here)

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