Saturday, October 25, 2014

car paint.

I don't know if I'd call myself the craftiest mom out there, but I at least try to come up with alternative activities to sitting inside all day. Whenever we sit inside just watching tv, I picture his brain actually turning into jello.

So in came the Family Fun activity tip! It's nothing very spectacular, but it was something new to keep Makai busy :] They suggested mixing up finger paint time and using everyday things like his little toy cars! I put little puddles of paint on parts of the paper and let Makai drive the cars around the page to spread the paint. It's supposed to help open his mind to think of different uses for everyday things. Makai isn't a fan of getting too messy so paint time usually doesn't last that long, but adding in the cars made it last a little bit longer. 

I'm thinking of playing around with this idea on a canvas for something a little more elevated to hang around the apartment. It's abstract art!

In the meantime, I'll worry about finding more magnet space on the fridge.

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