Sunday, September 14, 2014

stealing is bad.

So Mark's bike got stolen yesterday. It was pretty lame. Right from out of our garage, where there are a slew of other bikes that belong to different neighbors. Were any other bicycles stolen? No. Just Mark's bike. His was defiitely the coolests looking bike, so we get it, but it still sucked. What's frustrating was it happened within the 2 hours that we left the house to run errands. We had even thought about going for a bike ride earlier that morning! *sigh

Since Makai was with us, and because they stole the bike that had his child seat attachment on, we needed to explain to Makai what happened. 

Makai: Where's daddy's bike?
Me: It's not here. Someone was very mean and took our bike without asking. They stole it. They took something that didn't belong to them.
Makai: Stole? Took daddy's bike?? Bike not here?
Me: No hun. They took it even though it wasn't theirs. They did something very mean to us and now we're sad. That's why stealing is bad. 
Makai: Aw man. No bike. 
Me: Yeah, I know.

So there's $400 down the drain.

Also: Makai brings it up pretty often. 

Makai: Where's daddy's bike? Find it? 
Me: No babe, we didn't find it. Whoever took it isn't going to give it back. 
Makai: Aw man.
Me: Yeah, I know.

It's a little bit like pouring salt in the wound, but what are you gonna do? Haha. Hopefully this is an actually lesson and stealing will never be in his repertoire. 

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