Friday, September 12, 2014

bow tie giveaway.

 Fun news guys! I just got my VERY FIRST order from my etsy shop! woohoo!

When I was pregnant with Makai, I thought he should own his own bow-tie. I mean, I suppose I could have just ordered one, but for some reason, I just assumed I should make it myself. I may have been pretty deep in my "nesting" stage at this point so making things for my soon-to-be baby was only natural. Plus, what I did find was either over-priced or not as cute as I hoped. So, I made my way over to Daiso and bought one of their $1.50 ties. I busted out my little sewing kit and used the tie fabric to make a tiny newborn bow-tie and tie. I wasn't too familiar with how to clip these suckers on yet, so I actually single stitched them to his shirt to stay on. A couple months after he was born, my brother got married and Makai was able to make his dressy debut.

Oh look at us and our youthful, naive selves. It's amazing how much life 3 years of parenthood will suck out of you. lol

After a while, I started making more and more bow ties for Makai, Mark, and presents without ever really thinking much of it. Now here I am with my etsy shop and first paid order! I don't know if this sounds that exciting to you, but it's kind of fun knowing someone would actually pay for something you made yourself!

To celebrate, I thought I could also host my very first giveaway! Pretty exciting, right?? All you have to do is take a quick visit to my etsy shop and leave a comment on my blog letting me know which one is your favorite for a chance to win it! I realize there aren't many to choose from quite yet (something I am currently working on), but let me know what you love so far so I can know what to make more of! There are also options for an additional 5 entries per person, so take advantage!

Thanks for all the love so far, and good luck!

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  1. Hi, I'm friends with your sister on FB, I saw her post. I can't decide on which is my favorite. I tend to dress in dark colors and like colorful bow ties so I really like the tricolor turquoise one. But I think my favorite is the dark gray one that resembles pixels.

  2. The bows would be great as a hair clip or on a head band for the girls.

    1. defintely! the double prong clip is actually perfect for hair! please enter and let me know which would be your favorite for a chance to win it!


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