Tuesday, September 30, 2014

glasses are for nerds.


Here's another fun fact you didn't ask for. I am exceptionally blind and in desperate need of corrective lenses. I tend to wear my contacts most days because 

1. My lenses are thick and constantly slide down my nose, probably just from their weight alone.
2. I literally have almost no peripheral  and can only see clearly through the actual lenses
3. Because I have no peripheral, I feel limited and get headaches.
4. I also lived through an entire childhood of glasses = loser = nerd stigma and the second I got contacts I never looked back

Except that glasses are cool now! Frames with or without actual functional lenses were all the rage for a good while, it just feels like a lot of effort for me. I am literally so sight challenged, that I have an extremely difficult time putting on my own eyeliner evenly without my contacts in. But anyway, I slept with my contacts in on accident (which is a terrible, terrible, thing to wake up to) and decided it may be best for my eyes to breath a bit. Perhaps Lasik or something along those lines will eventually be in my future and then I can wear fake glasses like the cool kids.

No, really though, I never understood the fake glasses thing.
If only that was around when I was younger. I would have been one of the cool kids that already had glasses and kids would be wearing fake ones to be like me. UGH. 

Another fun fact: When I was in elementary school, I used to desperately wish I had a retainer. One time, I bent a couple of paperclips in the a shape that would fit my teeth and I put them on to see how cool I would look if I had my own pair of retainers. WHAT A LOSER, am I right?

Glasses - Derek Cardigan via CoastalContacts.com
Teal leather tote - (old) Banana Republic
White Tee - F21
Mid-rise Skinny Rockstar Jeans - Old Navy
Leopard Slip Ons - Steve Madden at nordstrom Rack (also available here)

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