Sunday, September 21, 2014

football investment.

Now that football season is upon us, Sunday afternoons are now reserved for all things 49er related. This usually includes some sort of BBQ, and last Sunday, included some of Mark's cousins. Mark and I love playing host/hostess so we saw the opportunity to entertain and feed and ran with it.

Mark fired up the grill and we served up fresh crab ceviche, grilled salmon, sautéed lobster and shrimp, kale, zucchini and squash kabobs, and a costco rotisserie chicken. (no really, Costco chickens are legit). Mark's cousin Krish brought some of her famous garlic noodles and everything was complete. Not to toot our own horns, but it was all pretty delish. (toot toot)

Of course, the highlight of the night was the quality fam time :] Makai and Khalil kept themselves busy running around, giving Mark and I just enough time for 2 whole conversations with people our own age. It was magical. Although, most of the night looked like this

Family time is good time is messy time, I say. Said. Once. Ok, I said once

And really, this time may have just been more messy time than anything else.

As we get older, I've realized how much more effort it takes to keep in touch with everyone. But what about social media and the amazing advancements in technology that allows you to keep in touch with everyone, you say? I mean, yeah, but I'm talking quality time together. Not just a text or instagram post. It's nice to get together with people for no partcular reason just to see whats going on. Especially family. Things used to happen so organically and out of convenience, because really, how much else did you need to worry about? But now people are getting married, having kids, buying houses, and working like crazy just to spend it all on bills. Who has time for quality time? It's tough finding time for people that don't already live in your house, but it's definitely worth the investment. So this is me, trying to make the investment.

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