Monday, August 25, 2014


Oh, the joys of an impromptu datenight!

On Thursday afternoon, Mark decided it would be fun to get into the city and enjoy each other's company. GREAT IDEA! Nightlife sounded like the perfect solution.

If your unfamiliar, The California Academy of Science is a Museum here in the city that showcases a lot of natural science exhibits. There's tons of fun exhibits like the Rainforest ecosystem, the Philippine Coral Reef, the science behind Earthquakes, etc. 

Now, "Nightlife" adds in great music, art, and drinks to the mix! Uhm, an underground aquarium, pop up artists, live music, an albino alligator, a Zagat rated cafe, and bars in every wing... OF COURSE you want to go to that! What an amazing idea, right? Exploring natures wonders in the night with several DJs and well poured drinks in hand. Yes, please.

Since I'm already in the city for work, we decided to meet up at a BART station and make our way over. Unfortuately, I wasn't quite dressed for a date night, but Mark, being the incredibly thoughtful man he is, decided to dress down a little to help me feel less... blah. It's hard to find a man that will get dressed with you in consideration. 

So we started the night with some dinner and decided on the cafe's shrimp and pork spring rolls, pork tacos, and mac n cheese. Weird combo, but all very tasty.

Then dessert and drinks! "Pour it up, bar man!" 

(ok, no. I didn't really yell that at him, but it's definitely how I feel on non-kiddo nights.)

The rest of the night was left to explore as we continued to order watermelon mojitos and beer.

It's nice to have at least one of us remember to slow down and enjoy each other's company. It's easy to forget we were a couple before we were parents. 

OK. How cool is the albino alligator and blue starfish?!

For more inf about this event, click here!

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