Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I'm a rule breaker.

Being at work all day is exhausting. Worst of all, I miss out on so much awesome Makai time.

Don't get me wrong, I am loving what I get to do now! It feels accomplishing to do the work you've been trying to do for so long. It's just hard not getting all of the quality time with Makai that I used to.  

It's no fun missing out on everything. And yes, I have weekends, but those days are usually filled with errands and chores or the occasional request for Makai to sleep over from Mark's parents. Sometimes all I'm left with is the hour or two between getting home from an exhausting day at work and having to do Makai's whole bedtime routine. It's rough.

I once read in a parenting book, that the best thing about making and enforcing the rules, is that you get to decide to break them sometimes! I whole-heartedly agree. Once and a while, I find that breaking the rules (ever so slightly) is the best way for us to share a special moment. Sometimes we stay up late to watch movies before bed instead of his nightly bedtime story, or we make tents and sleep inside instead of his bed, or we stay up and make cookie milkshakes! 

I will be the first to tell you that consistency is one of the keys to parenting... But I figure, he's only a child for so long. I need to enjoy him this way before I miss it all.  

So, hey! Have fun!

Break the rules!

Best and easiest cookie milkshake ingredients:
Vanilla bean ice cream
Chocolate chip oatmeal cookies from Trader Joes
(oatmeal is the key. It gives itself better to the consistency.)
-throw everything into a blender and give 'er a whirl

Boom. Delicious.

I didn't measure this one out bc I feel like everyone has their own preference on milkshake consistency. I personally like almost all ice cream and barely any milk. Some prefer it to be drinkable through a straw, meaning more milk. Or if you're a bigger cookie fan...maybe it's all cookies! You get the idea.

My headless body:
Sweater Tee - F21
Necklace - F21
High waisted jeans - Gap

Rugby Stripe Sweater - BabyGap

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