Saturday, August 16, 2014

life lessons for my son.

I like trying to teach Makai important life lessons and skills that will help him succeed as an adult in the real world. 

Some of these lessons include sweet, sweet dance moves. I mean, he may find himself in a jam someday and need to know this kind of stuff! 

Lesson 1: raising the roof.


Lessons 2: the running man.

I think he'll thank me some day. Maybe not now... But someday. I'm sure of it.
(If future Makai reads this, I swear I had your best interests at heart.)

Then at the break, Makai thought it'd be good for a shoes change... Because... Neon green galoshes are the ish. Luckily he's already good at accessorizing all on his own.

Clean up time!

White thermal - Old Navy
Giants jersey - Giants Dugout
Skinny jeans - Old Navy (available here)
Fast shoes - Nike Free 5.0
Green Galoshes - Joe Boxer at Kmart (available here)

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