Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Today, the little kiddo graduated into his new 2T clothes! 

"But, isn't Makai already 3?" 

Why, yes. Yes, he is. 

Ever since Makai was born at 5lb 12 oz, he's been on the smaller end of the curve. Actually, I lied. He hasn't been on the curve at all.

When he was born at 38 weeks (which is full term) I would constantly get asked by the nurses if he was a preemie. Since then, he's been floating around the .3 percentile on his own curve. Mark was always pretty small for his age until his Junior year of high school where he grew 6" in one summer. I'm hoping Makai ends up somewhere there, but for now, I'm just appreciating how much wear we get out of his clothes :]

I've gotten into the habit of stockpiling future sized clothes for Makai. Most of it comes from gifts or hand me downs, but if I find great deals, I'll buy clothes and shoes it in multiple sizes or whatever bigger sizes are available. I store them all in vacuum seal bags under our bed until he grows into them.

I absolutely LOVE the day I get to open up these bags! It's kind of like opening presents at Christmas! I get all the satisfaction and excitement of shopping without having to spend the money! 


Pile of clothes: (top left to bottom right)
Green Elbow Patch Jacket - Target
Giants Jersey Tee - Giants Dugout
Plaid shirt - Joe Fresh at JCPenny
Navy tee with Neon Speckle and patch pocket - JCPenny
Marled Cardigan - Joe Fresh at JCPenny
Marled shawl collar Sweater - Target

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