Monday, July 28, 2014

the movies.

One thing that I was always surprised me when Makai was younger, was his ability to sit through an entire movie uninterrupted. While you would normally attribute this to a great attention span, he has definitely proven otherwise when mark and I try to talk to him.

Either way, now that he's a big kid, Mark and I decided that it would be fun to take him to his first movie! So last Friday, I was lucky enough to get out of work really early and we decided to take advantage of the early afternoon matinee to watch "Fire Planes" (aka Planes: Fire & Rescue)! Boy, was he excited.

First of all, who knew that you have to pay for children's tickets starting at 1?! That's just crazy. So I had to pay $8.75 for Makai which is just ludicrous, but whatevs. Then we thought it'd only be right to do the whole shebang and buy him an Icee and junior buttered popcorn. 

We walked into the theatre to find our seats, and the first thing he said was "BIG tv mommy!! BIG!! So BIG! Watch!" And indeed, he was right. Biggest tv ever. Once the pre-previews started, he was so intrigued. Then the movie started and the lights went dim and Makai said "So excited!" 

As much of a "milestone" this was for Makai, I looked around and realized that this was kind of a milestone for Mark and me as parents. Our first movie in a theatre for our family and not for ourselves. I know it may sound a bit silly, but this movie is the first of many kid's movies to come and I almost feel like this is a sign of not just Makai's age, but how Mark and I are progressing in parenthood. 

When Makai turned 2, and then again at 3, my non-parent friends would always comment on how big he's getting and ask me how it is. I tell them that it's kind of weird because it's one thing to be a younger mom with a baby, but it feels like a whole other thing to be a parent of a kid. I feel like your supposed to be more grown up, more mature, and semi-put together. Anyone can have a baby... Kid's have babies! But after 2 or 3 years, it's a whole other type of parenthood. Suddenly you're thinking about preschool, you have to watch what you say, what school district your part of, types of college funds, and then you get to that point where you start spelling out words like C-A-N-D-Y so as not to cause a ruckus. Movie theatre may not be as obvious a step, but I feel like its a clear cut sign that my life is evolving and changing yet again. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering, he totally loved the whole thing. Mark and I may or may not have cried and once the movie ended Makai wanted to watch it again. Heck, right when he woke up the next morning he asked if we could go and watch "Fire Planes" on the "big tv" again.

Oh boy. 

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