Thursday, July 24, 2014

#tbt - cardboard airplane

I thought it would be fun to do a throwback Thursday on my post once and a while :]

A little series I will dedicate to things I would have totally posted, had I manned up and started this blog earlier.

This week's #tbt is: The time I made a cardboard box into an airplane!

Makai was still pretty small and in that stage where the box is more fun than the toy (who am I kidding, kids are almost always in that stage. I need to take advantage of that more.) and I loved how he fit into almost any box. I had already painted a few boxes and kept them around the house for little forts and such and he really enjoyed it. I had gotten a big box from Piperlime and I absolutely LOVED how the inside is white grounded with a cute pattern of green limes all over (I also loved the Steve Madden shoes that came inside the box). So I decided to make him something special. 

To make:
I cut the 2 larger flaps into a basic wing shape, cut a notch out of the back for a tail, and cut the front into a triangle for the nose. With what scraps I had left, I cut out two long pieces for the propellor. I painted everything silver and decided on 2 metallic blue stripes on the wings. (I considered painting cool flames on the wings and down the side, but I worried it may look more like he's crashing than flying really fast. Nixed that idea quick.)

For the steering wheel, I used the bottom half of a CD package, stuck a hole through the front of the box, and used a couple heavy duty rubber bands so that it wouldn't pull through but still spin. 

For the little buttons on the dash, I used various colors of baby food pouch caps and super glued them on. 

Then to put the propellor together, I stuck a bobby pin through the middle of the 2 pieces, and then stuck it through the front of the nose. This allowed the propellers to actually spin! 

The whole thing lasted a good while and since I made it out of spare stuff around the house, I wasn't too sad to see it go when it broke. All in all, it was EXTREMELY budget friendly, very green, a great day of arts n crafts, and it helped Makai exercise his imagination. The only downfall was he kept asking us to push him in it and it's pretty killer on your back. 

Undersea themed onesie - BabyGap
Hooded woven shirt - Old Navy

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