Friday, January 23, 2015

i swear i'm still here!

At this point, it may have been way too long since my last real post that you no longer care about me. I totally get it and I don't blame you. I swear that I've been actual busy and not just lazy. How do real bloggers do it?! Between full time work, full time mommy-ing, holidays, present making, parties, and (for some ill-timed reason) redecorating my apartment, there was just no way to write a complete post! So now I have all these photos sitting in my camera for no one to see. Let's just say there's about to be a decent string of holiday related #TBT posts.

Anywhoo.. tonight, the stars have aligned and I have found myself with my laptop, a busy kid, a boyfriend at work, and frozen taquitos ready to be eaten for dinner. Apparently, these are the making of a blog night.

In short (but will be continued in some other #TBT post), the holidays were good to us although I am left feeling broke and exhausted. But be completely transparent, I may just be feeling broke from all the post holiday clearance sales and not so much the present buying. (I just can't resist myself a good deal!) Also during my blogging absence, my birthday passed. That's right.. I turned another year older than I care to admit. I may or may not have discussed this before, but I just don't fully believe that I'm anything older than 25. And I can't decide if it's sad or "being young at heart." Let's pretend it's the latter.

Here's a very tiny picture recap of some things you may have missed.




Yup. That's a picture of Makai trying to eat his own feet.

I swear I'm a good mom.
Kind of, at least.

And to give you a small sneak peek at one of my resolutions: I swear to blog more.
So by the laws of New Years resolutions... this probably won't happen now. oof. But I'll try my best! I will also try to be more interesting. Or at least crafty! (I'm assuming those two aren't the same to you.)

Welp, here goes to hopefully many more posts that are much more fun for you to read!

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