Tuesday, December 16, 2014

laziest dinner i've ever made.

Yes. The photo and title are correct. That is a bowl of cereal (Strawberry Mini Wheats, to be exact), and that is what we had for dinner.

Now before you get judgy, let me explain:

I try very hard to make sure that we always have a nice dinner, whether home cooked by me, mark, or by the chefs at whichever take-out restaurant that will deliver. But once in a while, you just have those nights when everyone is tired, lazy, and just needs to eat something. This was that night. Too lazy to even order in? Apparently! Plus, momma's on a tight budget and eating out every night is just too much. Then as adult as we try to be, I will admit that those old college tendencies of ours can rear their ugly head and we regress. (I said I would explain, I didn't say it would be good.)

But hey, as sad as a bowl of cereal for dinner sounds, I've got to say that we were all happily satisfied. Makai even asked for seconds! And in theory, this is nutritional. But most importantly, it gave Mark and I a break from the kitchen, my wallet a break from spending, and extra time to sit and watch some Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 with Makai.  

Really, who could ask for more? That's what I would rather be spending my time doing anyway!

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