Monday, November 24, 2014

my crystal bead DIY necklace.

I've been doing a lot of gift crafting as of late and for once I took a second to make something for myself. I had to stop by Michael's for some misc supplies, when I walked by the jewelry making aisle and some glass beads caught my eye! It wasn't anything too special, just a small string of stick crystal beads in metallic gold (just like these and these) Something about it just felt so easy, I couldn't resist.

With my new inspiration, I walked around a little and found some leather cord, jump rings, clasps, and crimps. Once I got it all home, it took me all of 10 minutes to put everything together, tie some knots, crimp a few things with my handy pliers and ta-da! New necklace!

Now it's nothing fancy, but I kind of like it! I feel like its in the heir of something like this, this, this, or this. And for the money I spent on the supplies (which came out to about $9), I was able to make 3 necklaces with some supplies left over.

Feel like you need more of a step by step? Here's my necklace in 10.
  1. Buy supplies listed above
  2. Measure cord to your desired length and cut about an extra 2 inches
  3. String and center beads in desired order
  4. String bead crimps on both sides of glass beads and pinch with pliers to keep beads in place
  5. Connect 2 jump rings together
  6. Thread cord through one and knot (you can use another bead crimp at the end of knot for extra security)
  7. Connect 1 jump ring and 1 clasp
  8. Thread cord through jump ring and knot
  9. Put on your necklace
  10. Take unnecessary selfies in it. 
YAY! done!

As I started to make these as presents, I realized that sliding knots might be the best way to go. That way, the new recipient can adjust the length on their own! There are many different types of sliding knots, but I didn't get that fancy. I just took a single small round bead and threaded both ends of the cord through it in opposite directions and made basic knots. I like having the bead in the center of the sliding knots to keep the opening together, and I think it helps provide some security once your desired length is acquired. The key is finding the right sized bead.

But really, I'm not jewelry maker, so maybe just follow one of the tutorials here for something nicer.

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Necklace - DIY!

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