Monday, November 10, 2014

magic drink.

Lately, my drink of choice at work has been a not-so-special-sounding mix of honey, lemon, and water.


It started off when I was sick and had a soar throat. Now, I don't know about you, but when I have a soar throat, I CANNOT drink plain water. For some reason, it is the 'most unpleasant thing to drink. So I thought I'd make something up! I knew honey was good for soar throats, and lemon seemed like the perfect compliment plus additive of some vitamins. So I went with it and it was perfect.

It tasted so good that I decided to just make this my morning "thing" and have it at my desk all day. Then for some reason, I decided to look up if it was a pre-existing "thing". Apparently, it is!So I'm either really behind and had no idea this was a "thing" when it totally was, or I'm ahead of the fad for once! (I'm going to assume the former)

According to here, here, here and here, honey/lemon water is supposed to be the perfect thing in the morning! Honestly, before even reading anything about it, I truly enjoyed this first thing in the morning. The taste helped pick me up a little bit (it's sort of like iced tea, but luke warm), but without the additional caffeine. Oh and get this, it should apparently help me lose weight! MAGIC! And as you know, everything that you read online is completely true, so I completely believe this. Since I already don't eat that well or work out, I'm going to assume that adding this drink to my daily diet will help the pounds melt right off. I will now forget ever dieting again and will just drink this all day everyday because that just seems easier.

Also, in case you don't know, I have a thing for mason jars. I'm sure you'll see plenty of these on the blog. 

PLEASE NOTE: In case you're not completely in tune with my online sarcasm, this drink is not in fact magic and you should continue to diet and exercise if your goal is to lose weight. Also, everything that you read online is not completely true. PLEASE know that. No, seriously... PLEASE know that.

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