Tuesday, November 18, 2014

how i get my kid to take a bath & a #GIVEAWAY!

I'm sure my fellow parents out there can agree that sometimes, it is basically impossible to get your kid in the bath.   

...willingly at least.

Honestly, I don't really get their struggle. When I say it's bath time, Makai almost always fights me. There's usually a lot of coaxing, but sometimes there's even tears involved (either mine or his). But when Makai is actually in the bath, he loves it and I can barely drag him out! I put all this effort into getting him in the bath, then once he's in there he starts splashin' around, having a grand 'ol time, and he demands to sit in there until all the water is drained and he's shivering and prune-y.

Pick one, dude! Hate the bath or love it.

So to help with the struggle, I found that FUN (or "play-doh soap" as I like to call it) seems to do the trick.

Makai got this and a Dragons Egg bath bomb from Lush as a present from his Tita Andrea last birthday and it's been a total hit. (While he did also enjoy the Dragon's Egg, I didn't enjoy the glitter involved)

Whenever he doesn't want to take a bath I ask, "Do you want to use the 'play-doh soap'?" And more often than not, he'll change his tune. He loves being able mold it, break it apart, get it wet, watch it disintegrate, color the walls, etc. Plus, it turns the water blue and it smells amazing! And I don't really mind it all because it's actually soap and his playing with it is only aiding in his cleanliness. Awesome!

In the end, I get a clean kid, and he gets some fun free time to play. Win-win for all parties involved.

After I discovered what fun FUN was (see what happened there?), I decided to take a look at what else Lush had in the way of kid friendly bath items. There's definitely a lot of options that I wouldn't mind "buying for Makai" but than actually using myself. And as pricey as some of these fun/unnecessary Lush products can get, I think it's totally worth it once and a while. Why not make bath-time fun and special for them/you? And in my opinion, if you get 1-2 less fights over it, than it's totally worth it. Or if it didn't work and you still have to deal with a screaming child, then at least you can relax yourself in your own fun bath. Plus, most of these products are completely green, preservative free, or helps raise money for good causes, so while you sit in the bath, you can feel better about yourself, because your basically helping save the world.

Want this product? Well it's your lucky day! 1 lucky reader can win their own fun bath-time set with some of my faves, including some FUN! The set will include this, this, and this. Now, if you decide to give this to your kiddo or keep it to yourself, that's completely up to you! Just leave a comment and enter below!

Birthday suit

FYI: This post IS NOT sponsored by or associated with LUSH. This giveaway and post was written and provided by myself and from my own funding.


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  2. Dylan definitely has a love/hate relationship with bath time...I'm thinking the Bubble Bar will do the trick! ;)

  3. Nico actually loves bath time, and so far Mattox does too. I'd still like to try these products out. Yay!


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