Thursday, October 30, 2014

world series champs.


The Giants are officially the World Series Champs of 2014!

Makai was pretty excited. "Let's Go Giants" is the one chant he REALLY gets into.

But really, how serious was that game?! The tension during that last inning was no joke. Now, I'm not claiming to be the biggest baseball fan, but I thought I was going to actually throw up! Then Bumgarner did it! And yay! We won!

I got to pick up this sweet copy of the SF Chronicle this morning. How magical is that hug on the front page?

The parade is on Friday, and as much as I want to go, I don't think it's in the stars. Large rowdy crowds don't really mix with 3 year olds, and adding rain to the mix will only make it more miserable.

I suppose it just means the Giants will have to win another one!

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