Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Yesterday, Coke stopped by my office!

They came by with these giant kiosk/vending machines to celebrate the release of Coke at our Old navy stores! So employees were allowed a turn to personalize 2 cokes per turn. And let me just tell you, some people were really serious about their cokes and got in line enough time to end up with 18 cokes (let's all do that math here, folks). INSANE! I, on the other hand, did not get as crazy and took one turn but sweet talked my way into 4 cokes :] I may or may not have batted my eyes.

It's always fun getting personalized things, especially with a name like Makai. It was pretty tricky to get his name on the can. The "coke guy" had to do some crazy magic pin number thing a few times to approve his name. Added plus: I got to use this as an excuse to get away from my desk and not work. Love it!

Speaking of work, I had a bit of a milestone! Well, I don't know if it was really a milestone per se, but I was still pretty happy with myself at the end of it. My manager found herself needing to leave work early, so I unexpectedly had to present at our working session with our marketing team. I think it went pretty well! There was no yelling and nothing ended up in flames, so I count it as a win overall. Oh yeah, and now I work for the Men's department of Old Navy Online. Excuse me for not updating you sooner. Yeah, I'm still a Merchandise Assistant under contract, but they had my switch divisions because Men's needed some extra help. While it is a lateral move, I do think this is good for me career-wise. I'm a little bummed out because I don't have any product development in this role, meaning I don't work as closely with our designers to create items for the line, but Men's is a much larger division with more visibility, exposure, and opportunity. Plus, if I'm successful here, I think it will help show my flexibility and ability to adapt and hit the ground running. Here's hoping that it'll help me get somewhere!

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