Thursday, August 14, 2014

#tbt - DIY dragon party supplies

I know that I had posted about Makai's third birthday party recently, but I found a few photos that I've never posted of some of the fun things I've made!

(Please pardon the terrible quality of these photos. That's probably why I never posted these before.)

Lately, I've been on a DIY crown kick. I'm not quite sure why, but I'm rollin with it. I tend to look at crafts and think "I could totally do that!" Wether or not that's true is another matter. So I've been pretty inspired by some Etsy shops (like here and here) and thought I'd try my luck at a bday crown for the birthday boy! (except i had to make it sans sewing machine. this is still on my christmas wishlist) So I came up with this ol' taco inspired thing. The tortilla chip confetti pieces were my fave. Then I just hand-sewed in a few pieces of elastic in the back for a snug fit. Voila! (Unfortunately, he lost it around the park before I got a good picture of him in it :[ the woes of a busy-party-mom

And every birthday dragon needs some foam dragon wings! I had searched for some to buy, but they were all very Halloween-y and less child's birthday party so I came to the conclusion that I'd have to do it myself. I stumbled on this blog entry with a quick how-to and tried my luck. I was pretty proud! I ended up making this pair for Makai, and a red pair for me :]

And felt tacos! Because... Well... It was a TACO party! 

And this I technically didn't make myself, but had found the idea here and asked my sister to execute. Cute, though, right? 

We used these to help weigh down the table clothes.


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