Monday, August 11, 2014

Children's Creativity Museum & National Chemistry Week.

Did you know that it's currently national chemistry week?!

I had no idea. What's up with all these holidays that I have no idea about? Do normal people know about these things?

Well anyway, while Mark is away in Portland drinking his fill of craft brews and various whiskeys, I thought it'd be fun to take Makai to the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco. It was the best idea ever. 

I did a quick lookup online to see if anything was happening, and saw that there were tons of free workshops this weekend that Makai could do! I thought it'd be a great way to spend our day out of the house, so we hopped onto a train (which only made the trip more fun for Makai) and made our way to the city.

As it turned out, one of the workshops was Celebrating Chemistry - in honor of this very well known and nationally celebrated holiday.

I know Makai is still pretty young to understand most/all of these concepts, but I thought it'd be great to expose him to it anyway. It was all safe, hands-on learning and he really enjoyed it, even if he didn't quite get the difference between an acid and a base. I mean, hey, it's a day without TV - easy win. 

And even if Makai didn't understand it all, I had fun learning some things! :]

In addition to all of this celebrating, the museum had tons of great stuff for Makai to enjoy.

There was painting...

And dress up...

A giant interactive touch screen...

A table of floamy stuff...

A giant room with oversized foam pieces...

A little computer lab with different animation programs for all ages...

An awesome Lego wall...

The Giant Slides park...

And then we got 2 free tickets to the carousel right outside!

*whew! And that was only what I had time to take pictures of! There was so much more there that I will definitely be coming back. It's pretty tricky to find any activities for a 3 year old and I loved seeing an entire museum filled with nothing but.

Plus we ended up with some fun souvenirs from the day!

It was such a great day of learning and activity. So as Makai would put it, "Let's try it again!"

Check out for more info!

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