Friday, August 22, 2014


Mark decided that it would be burger night! I am always on board with burger night. 

So off to the grocery store for some supplies.

Makai decided to roam the aisles to slip and slide on the smooth ground. There was definitely some falling involved. 

But we got what we needed and dinner was served.

Mark makes a pretty mean burger! And by mean, I mean awesome. We've got a little ways to go as far as plating, but either way, it tasted delish :]

Our not-so-special/standard burger:
-1 lb 80/20 ground beef
-4 cloves Fresh minced garlic
-1/4 cup minced onion
-a few dashes of Montreal steak seasoning to taste

Our standard add-ons:
-grilled onions or mushroom
-cheese (duh)
-baby spinach
-whole wheat buns
-crunchy dill pickles
  1. Get in there and mix it all up by hand. Gross, but most effective.  
  2. Grab a small hand full of meat. Make a ball and squish flat (the feeling is very reminiscent of play-doh time in kindergarten. but the end result is much tastier) 
  3. Sometimes we get fancy and stuff the patties with whichever cheese sounds tastiest at the moment (feta and blue are my favorite for stuffing). In that case we would add egg to the ground beef earlier in to help keep the patty together.
  4. Then we bust out the George Foreman grill and cook for about 5 minutes to keep a tiny bit of pink on the inside. 
  5.  While that's happening, we usually lightly toast our buns. (I keep feeling like that might be an inappropriate thing to say.)
  6. Place the patty atop the bun and add all of your necessary accoutrement
I personally don't use condiments on my burgers and would rather have tons of veggies. My favorite thing to do/mommy tip is to use baby spinach instead of lettuce. I honestly think it tastes about the same, but it's so much healthier! (Not to mention that I get to pretend I'm Popeye in my head. Also: Makai will never know this reference! Now what cartoon visual can I reference for successful spinach eating??)

Since my pregnancy, spinach has become a staple in our fridge. If it's not already part of the dish, I hide it in almost every meal I can. In general I have found that most people tend to be fruit people, or veggie people. And I don't mean that in some cheesy online-quiz type of way, like so:

I mean it in the very shallow way of personal taste preference. (Also, I think I'm actually more of a Jessie)

Me? I'm definitely a veggie person. I would rather eat a bowl of steamed cauliflower over a fresh mango. When I eat pizza or sandwiches, I love slices of bell pepper on the side like chips. With our burgers, we decided on a side of asparagus instead of potato salad. I'm sorry, vegetable talk isn't that intriguing, is it?

Onto cuter things:

Makai playing baseball!

Hat - Old Navy
Plaid shirt - Joe Fresh at JCPenny
Skinny jeans - Old Navy
Grey Slip on shoes - Joe Boxer at KMart

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