Thursday, July 10, 2014

Independence Day.

Every year, for the Fourth of July, we go to Tahoe to spend time with Mark's family at their timeshare. We make the four hour drive from the bay to Incline Village, and make our way through the pine trees and chipmunks to a quaint cabin that we call home for a week. This year, we're only here for three days since we just got back from Southern California.

I'm not gonna lie, there's a lot of kids here and it can feel pretty crazy sometimes, but Makai gets to bond with his cousins and usually Mark and I find time to sneak away to the clubhouse and enjoy some very cheap and very strong "girly" drinks at the bar while enjoying the easy buzz at the high elevation.

It sounds silly, but As Mark and I were walking off and leaving Makai with my in-laws during his nap, he looked at me and said that being able to sneak off and enjoy ourselves like this, even in the midst of a family vaca, made him feel like we were still hip parents (I'm pretty sure saying we're hip parents negates the hipness of it, but whatevs). Then I looked back at him and completely agreed :]

It's a hope of mine that Mark and I never lose the ability to have fun together. It's tough enough going out when you're broke and getting older, but adding kids to the equation makes it almost impossible. I definitely want more kids, but I always wonder if that will mean sacrificing more freedom, adventure, and fun together. I suppose this is the part where they say "it takes a village," right? While I definitely agree with that statement, and know that we could never raise Makai completely on our own, I find myself trying to prove that we can be independent parents and do it ourselves. I suppose that's a weight I carry as a younger parent. No one really thought we could do it, so I always want to know that we can (that, and I want to prove to anyone that ever doubted us that we can). Yes, there's ways to be creative and have fun at home while the kid's asleep, but going out and having an adventure together (no matter how small) is such a great way to reconnect and bond all over again. It gives you something to share outside of your offspring. Happy parents = happy child. I just need to remind myself that time alone with Mark is a necessity in addition to a luxury.

But time with my kid is fun too :]

Rash Guard and swim trunks - (old) Old Navy
swim diaper - (old) iPlay at Target (newer here)
swim shoes - (old) speedo from Target (similar here)
red plaid button up - Target (on clearance here)
warriors cap - warriors stadium (similar here)
trunks - (old) Old Navy (similar on clearance here)
Active top - Old navy (available here)
multicolored tank - F21 (no longer available)
white burnout tank (my cover up) - Mossimo at Target (available here)

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