Monday, July 7, 2014

happiest place on earth.

to continue my sons special year, mark and i decided to take a trip to Dinseyland for the first time! so fun, right?

my family still lives in a city about 30 mins way from the park, so it felt like the perfect trip! We'd get to spend makai's third birthday with my family, go to Disneyland for the first time, get a button and have the park greet him all day, and he'd still be free (bc he technically didn't turn 3 until Sunday)!

as much as we enjoyed Disneyland, I tell my close friends "it was a great trip, makai loved it, glad we did it, but I never want to talk about it again." haha.

I just always forget how stressful trips can get when you have such a large party (9 adults and 3 under 3). Again, glad I did it, but I definitely don't wanna do it again tomorrow.

Of course, the most important thing was that Makai had fun, and he did! It was rough at first, but we forced him onto It's a Small World and he basically lost his mind... In the good way. Then everything had him wide-eyed and exactly what you would expect at a first trip to Disneyland.

When dinner time came around, we stopped at a a food court near the Ferris Wheel (which no one would ride with me! Hrmph) got a scoop of strawberry ice cream, and lit a candle that we brought with us. it was pretty fun singing Happy Birthday at the park. Makai loved the attention. All in all, it was good and he felt special.



Mike Wizowsky Tee - birthday present (similar here)
Buzz Lightyear hoodie - birthday present (similar here)
roll cuff shorts - JoeFresh at JCPenny (available here)
shoes - Nike Free (available here)

sunglasses - (old) Banana Republic (available here)
tank - (old) Vans from JCPenny (similar here)
cargo shorts - Old Navy (available here)

Minnie tank - Target (similar here)
destructed boyfriend shorts - Old Navy (available here)
studded shoes - (old) Charlotte Russe (better version here)
hat - F21 (on clearance here)
sunglasses - Target (similar here)

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