Wednesday, June 25, 2014

to new beginnings.

hello world!

i'm not going to lie, first posts are quite intimidating, but after a lot of mulling and research (i.e. sitting at work and reading blogs all day), i figured it might be time to put those high school years of xanga experience to work.

while i realize that mommy blogs are a dime a dozen right now, most of which are probably better than mine will ever be, i thought i'd give it a shot! don't get me wrong, there are a ton of other blogs out there that are relate-able, fun to read, and super cute, but i hadn't really found any other "big name blogs" out there that really captured my experience as a young-ish mom of a three year old boy, just beginning her career, with a baby daddy (or "domestic partner" as he so romantically put it on FB :] ) on a VERY LIMITED budget, amongst peers that are not even thinking about kids yet. yes, i realize that sounds extremely specific, but it's strange being in this demographic where i'm not young enough to get my own TV show (16 and pregnant), but i'm not quite old enough that other parents and adults take me seriously. so i thought it'd be fun to document my life as i struggle with trying to stay in my twenties forever, hustling my way through fashion merchandising, staying a loving and supportive partner, being an awesome mom, and being taken seriously as a parent; all while keeping the apt clean, laundry done, and dinner on the table. that being said, her are some topics i imagine covering:

1] the kid, Makai Apollo (obvi)
2] my family's fashion
3] mommy DIYs
4] baking and dinner making
5] my shopping obsession
6] the fact that my 1 bedroom apt is bursting at the seams and will never be clean for more than an hour
7] our family adventures
8] my hot messy life

i hope that sounds interesting enough for you!

so here i am in all my mommy glory:

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